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Suzanna Mathews


Clients in any state or country can work with Suzanna!

Suzanna is a relationship coach with a multi-faceted approach based on years of experience and a range of theoretical approaches, including attachment theory. She is ideal for clients who are looking for something deeper than purely skills-based coaching. She works with couples and individuals. 

As a coach for the past 13 years, Suzanna specializes in helping people create the vision for what they want and helping them achieve it. 

Suzanna assists clients in identifying their blocks and points of friction in the context of attachment style and emotional needs and enact “best practices” for relationship health and longevity. Suzanna empowers clients to step into self energy to communicate and resolve conflict with compassion and courage. She examines past patterns and what went wrong and why, to help you move forward with clarity.

With individual clients and couples, Suzanna works on many issues, including self-awareness, intimacy, self-confidence, emotional intelligence, expressing needs and boundaries, the impact of trauma, parts work and inner child work, and masculine/feminine energy dynamics. Suzanna helps each of her clients up-level their relationship skills and experience a deeper level of acceptance, intimacy, and overall fulfillment – helping them become the kind of person they want to attract. She can also consult on tantra, as she is a practitioner.

Suzanna proves psychologically-informed guidance around attraction, dating, developing confidence, social skills, and relationship skills, saying "My clients, from the young to the young-at-heart, have a passion to find their person. I support and inform them as they form deeper connections with themselves and others." Suzanna also works with people experiencing midlife crises/awakenings, who are figuring out the second half of their lives.

Suzanna is a TEDx speaker, author of the book “Revising Mrs. Robinson,” and has been featured in dozens of online articles, TV appearances, and podcasts. 

Suzanna is the mother of two adult children. In her free time, Suzanna enjoys electronic dance music and making new recipes.

Email to work with Suzanna via video. Here's the difference between coaching and therapy!

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