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Coaching with Tehilla

Clients in any state or country can work with Tehilla Luttig.

Tehilla is a registered counsellor in South Africa and a Gottman Clinical Training Level 2 certified provider. She provides coaching at Best Life, working with individuals and couples. With over a decade of experience in private practice, and extensive training under some of the top names in the field of couples therapy, Tehilla has a multi-disciplinary approach and aims to provide her clients with support that lasts long after each session ends.

In addition to normal 45-minute sessions, Tehilla also offers three-hour intensives. She loves the depth of marathon sessions (as adapted from the Gottmans), and especially recommends it to couples. This can create a lot of space for each of you to have a turn to feel heard and build bridges of connection sooner. Rates for three-hour sessions are $800 per session.

Tehilla focuses on the disconnect between our bodies (where the feelings reside) and the mind (where we stay stuck in an often unfulfilled loop). She says, "Fighting about the facts in your relationship will keep you stuck feeling unheard and misunderstood. Learning how to translate the conversation gives you the key to deeper connection and closing old conversations for good."

Tehilla is trauma-informed and understands that many of the struggles we have are from injuries still alive in the body. Knowing what’s at the root of their self-sabotage, or blocks, helps her clients move through their lives quicker and more confidently. Tehilla believes that families (however they’re put together) can be emotional safe havens for all the members of the family. And with the right tools and support, they are.


Tehilla works with couples as well as individuals and helps steer them in healing their relationships with themselves in order to thrive on all relational levels of life; including:

  • Parenting differences and subsequent struggles

  • Parenting challenges and the invisible load that leads to resentment and disconnect

  • Communication skills & conflict management

  • Affair / infidelity discovery and support

  • Post-divorce identity work

  • Grief processing

  • Forgiveness & trust rebuilding

  • Self trust & confidence (including conflict avoidance and people pleasing patterns)

  • Boundaries

  • Self-sabotage

  • Emotional EQ building

  • Expat living and adaptation

  • Resentment and anger

Tehilla’s favorite story is The Ugly Duckling. She says, "So many people live their lives, believing a lie about themselves... that they are nothing but an ugly, out-of-place duckling. But at the end of the story, the ugly ducking saw the true reflection of itself in the water-mirror, which was a most life changing, defining moment! It didn’t need a face-lift, hoping to become more swan-like - neither a course on 'how to fake the swan life'! Similarly, when your own true, individual value is realized and embraced, it is only natural to radiate this same ‘worth awareness’ towards others." 


Books that Tehilla recommends include Terence Real's Us: Getting Past You and Me to Build a More Loving Relationship and I Don't Want to Talk About It: Overcoming the Secret Legacy of Male Depression. She is also a fan of Esther Perel.

Tehilla draws from not only her experience with the hundreds of clients she’s seen, but also from her life-experience as a wife and mom. Her own traumas and therapy taught her the difference between what works and what just sounds good in theory. When desired, she can also include somatic and Brain Working Recursive Technique work that invites you to remove the limiting beliefs that block you from living life more fully and loving with the freedom and fullness you desire.


Tehilla loves to travel, and has recently returned from another overseas adventure. She has also lived abroad and understands the struggles of adapting to new cultures and environments, no matter how challenging the initial invitation seemed. She is currently back in South Africa with her husband and two children (who are a year apart in age - IYKYK).

If you desire deep compassion and empathy, as well as someone who sees you and can connect the dots that have kept you stuck, be sure to reach out to work with Tehilla!

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