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Cat Roebuck, C.P.C.  

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Clients in any state or country can work with Cat!

Cat is a relationship coach with a direct, compassionate approach grounded in differentiation theory and mindfulness. She works with couples and individuals. 

As a coach, Cat specializes in helping people chart a path out of their repetitive struggles, especially in the context of long term love. Cat empowers clients  to step deeper into courage and develop their potential as people, partners, and parents. 

Cat helps couples and individuals navigate common challenges including: 

  •  Differing desires related to sexual and emotional intimacy

  •  Communication and collaboration

  •  Division of family/household labor

  •  Monogamy and fidelity 

  •  Religious or cultural differences

  •  Parenting challenges

  •  Resentment and regret 

With individuals, Cat works on creating agency and moving away from permission- and approval-seeking.  She helps clients learn to trust their decisions, set and hold boundaries, and create meaning and purpose in life. She also can help with midlife crises and relationships between adult children and parents.

Cat is trauma-informed, LGBTQI+ inclusive, and welcomes all her clients with expansive empathy and appreciation for individuality.

Cat has lived in 7 countries and currently lives with her family in Florida. She loves to read, and always has a book to recommend. Most often, the first one she recommends to couples is Passionate Marriage by Dr. David Schnarch

Lived experience Cat draws from includes post traumatic growth, therapeutic journeys through non-ordinary states of consciousness, and a range of mindfulness practices.

Cat especially enjoys working with people who are ready to see where they’re stuck and explore how they can create conditions for the life and love they desire. 

Email to work with Cat via video. Here's the difference between coaching and therapy!

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