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Sex Positive And Kink Aware

Sexual intimacy is a key component of intimate relationships, and therapists at Best Life can help you with a range of sexual issues. We work with couples of all sexual orientations (LGBTQ+ as well as asexual spectrum) and cultural backgrounds, and tackle issues including sexual dysfunction, sexual dissatisfaction, decreased  libido, and lack of passion and romance.

There are many reasons that couples struggle with sexual issues, and there can be great progress made when couples make the often difficult decision to discuss this area of their lives with a therapist. We can discuss all types of sexual issues frankly and honestly, including but not limited to fantasies, dissatisfaction, gender issues, and histories of sexual difficulties (including prior abuse). Such discussion, in a safe environment, can help couples to explore deeper origins of sexual issues as well as begin taking steps to yield gradual change.

We work with couples in all relationship structures, including poly, and are kink aware and allied. We even have a registered sexologist and coach, Heather Ray, who specializes in intimacy coaching!
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