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Dr. Kathryn Defilippi, LPC


Kathryn Defilippi, LPC, is licensed in Pennsylvania and DC. Her specialties include addictions, OCD, anxiety, depression, narcissism, trauma, eating disorders, career issues, Adult Children of Alcoholics, codependency, ADHD, bipolar, Autism Spectrum Disorders, divorce, grief/loss, pregnancy/post-partum depression, and infertility. 

Kathryn is an intellectually curious therapist who draws from a wide range of approaches. She employs Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and existential approaches, and also identifies as solutions-focused and humanistic.  Her other interests include systems theory and reality therapy.


With couples, Kathryn uses a Gottman-based approach. She identifies as sex-positive and is comfortable discussing sexual issues in session.

Kathryn obtained her PhD in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, which allows her a wider perspective on clients' career issues. She is a driven and goal-directed person, who enjoys distance running and ultramarathons. Born in Pittsburgh, Kathryn is an avid sports fan and animal lover.

The book that most informs Kathryn's thinking is Man's Search For Meaning by Viktor Frankl.  She also enjoys the work of Irvin Yalom. The personal experiences that Kathryn draws from in addition to her clinical training and experiences include divorce and loss of a parent.

Kathryn says, "We all can benefit from therapy. Therapy should be a good experience to explore yourself and get to learn more about yourself.  It should also be rewarding, as you learn new ways of thinking. I believe in making the therapy process enjoyable and something you want to attend. I like to challenge people and help them grow emotionally and mentally."

Kat is also a coach, and can work with all USA clients on career or nutrition coaching!  Check out her career coaching page here, and her nutrition coaching page here!

If Kathryn's background and interests resonate with you, schedule with her today!

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