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Rekindling Your Relationship Group


Group will meet via video from 7-8p EST Thursdays

starting Thursday April 6 and going until May 25.

The group will be led by Best Life's 

Heather Ray, registered sexologist, sex educator,

and intimacy coach!

Residents of any state can attend!

Feeling a bit disconnected from your partner does not mean your relationship is doomed. 

If your relationship has been on the back burner for too long, there are many simple things you can do to reconnect emotionally and physically. This group will discuss those and give you tips to help you get that spark back!

Topics in this virtual group include:

  1. How does monogamy contribute to losing your spark?

  2. What are some easy ways to start touching more again?

  3. What is the link between the mental and physical components of romantic connection?

  4. What are some key aspects of intimacy?

  5. How do couples stay close with kids, busy schedules, and general stress?

  6. What is the impact of hormonal and aging-related changes on drive and how can a better understanding of sexual health help your relationship?

Rates are $35/session or $250 ($30 discount) for all 8 sessions paid up front. Couples should enroll together!

Email to enroll!

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