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Sex Coaching

Rates for sex coaching sessions are $245 for initial video meeting and $230 for subsequent follow up sessions.

Clients in any state or internationally can work with Heather Ray, Registered Sexologist, Certified Sex Coach and Sexual Educator.  

Heather Ray is a certified sexologist (ABS, American Board of Sexology), a sex coach/educator, and workshop facilitator. She has worked with individuals, couples and taught in group settings since 2016, bringing a fun, energetic perspective to sex and education. As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, she strives to improve the way we think about and treat sexuality, ourselves, and each other.


She identifies as a pleasure activist, conducts individual and couples coaching, runs sexual wellness workshops, libido discrepancies, and is able to provide youth sexual education.


A book that Heather recommends to clients is Girl Boner by August McLaughlin. She says, "This book is a comprehensive (and inclusive) guide to female sexuality. It is one of my favorites to recommend because it covers so many different topics (traditional roles that are instilled at youth, sexual positions, masturbation, kinks and even toys."


Heather grew up in Georgia and currently lives in Texas with her husband and three children. She loves spending her free time weightlifting and spending time with friends and family.


American Board of Sexology (ABS) #: 22184
Certified Sexologist

Sex Coach from the Sexology Institute
Sexual Health Professional from Indiana State University

Here's the difference between coaching and therapy!

Email to work with Heather via video!

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