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Coaching with David

Clients in any state or country can work with David Ordan, LPC!

David is an insightful, compassionate, and encouraging coach with more than two decades of experience in working with individuals and couples trying to navigate and improve their lives.

He takes a highly collaborative and interactive approach to couples with a special emphasis on the following relationship skills:​​

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  • How to improve communication

  • How to parent kids while prioritizing the couple

  • How to create better intimacy in and out of the bedroom

  • How to work together as a team

  • How to ensure that your partner understands and respects your needs

With individual clients, David works on many issues, including: intimacy issues, self esteem, emotional awareness, the impact of past experiences on current life patterns, and career issues. He works especially well with transition points, including quarterlife and midlife crisis, and points of decision within lives and relationships. He enjoys working with younger clients on self worth and assertiveness issues.

David also works well with parenting issues, on either side of the parent-child relationship, including estrangement, setting boundaries, balancing couple vs family time, parenting differently than you were raised, and helping parents grow more confident.

He also does career counseling with a focus on career transitions and how one's career can fit into their broader life goals. 

David is sex-positive and comfortable discussing sexual issues in session. David works with individuals and couples from all walks of life, including members of faith-based communities and LGBTQ+ communities. He especially enjoys working with couples who are committed to becoming their own relationship experts. 

David is a graduate of Columbia University and also holds a Rabbinic Ordination. With more than a couple decades of marriage under his belt, 6 children (plus 2 daughters-in-law) and 2 grandchildren, he has been, there, done that, and bought the t-shirt. He has lived in New York, Los Angeles, Jerusalem, and most recently Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In his free time, David dreams of finding a left-handed guitar so he can finally play songs around the campfire.

Email to work with David via video!

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