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Booty Basics

This exciting workshop will be led by Best Life's Heather Ray, registered sexologist, sex educator, and intimacy coach!

Open to anyone in the U.S. or internationally.

Booty Basics - Next dates to be announced soon

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Contrary to what we’ve been told, anal sex, when done right, can feel amazing and lead to some powerful orgasmic experiences. This workshop will help you learn how to keep it pain-free and enjoyable for both partners, as well as answer those “messy” anal questions to help keep it cleaner and more fun.

Heather Ray is a certified sexologist (ABS, American Board of Sexology), a sex coach/educator, and workshop facilitator. She has worked with individuals, couples and taught in group settings since 2016, bringing a fun, energetic perspective to sex and education. As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, she strives to improve the way we think about and treat sexuality, ourselves, and each other.

She identifies as a pleasure activist, conducts individual and couples coaching, runs sexual wellness workshops, libido discrepancies, and is able to provide youth sexual education.

The cost for the workshop is $50. It is open to individuals and couples. 

Email to enroll!

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