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Couples Counseling & Coaching

At Best Life, we have many providers working with couples. Our therapists are Dr. Kat Defilippi, Jessica JeffersMaliha Malik, David Ordan, Lindsey Weekley, and Dr. Samantha Whiten.


We also have wonderful relationship coaches: Tehilla Luttig, Suzanna Mathews, David OrdanCat Roebuck, and a sexologist and intimacy coach, Heather Ray.

Over time, and often following significant life changes (like the birth of a baby or older kids leaving the home), couples often find it difficult to maintain the levels of open communication, emotional and physical intimacy, trust, mutual respect, and appreciation that allow relationships to thrive.  Anger mounts over long-standing issues that have never been directly confronted and resolved, including sex.

Couples can become hopeless and disconnected, often then reaching out to others outside the marriage for the emotional support they do not receive at home.  Another common pattern is constant levels of bickering that periodically escalate into large-scale blowout fights.  Neither pattern is the one that either of you likely wished for at the start of your relationship.  

Sexual and physical intimacy often suffer greatly in relationships with conflict; conversely, a lack of sexual or physical intimacy can be a primary cause of partner dissatisfaction.  Therapists at Best Life work with couples of all sexual orientations (LGBT as well as the asexual spectrum) and cultural backgrounds on the sensitive issues surrounding sexual dysfunction, dissatisfaction, decreased  libido, and lack of passion and romance.


There are many reasons that couples struggle with sexual issues, and there can be great progress made when couples make the often difficult decision to discuss this area of their lives with a therapist. We are open to discussing all manner of sexual issues frankly and honestly, including but not limited to fantasies, dissatisfaction, and histories of sexual difficulties (including prior abuse). Such discussion, in a safe environment, can give partners a chance to be heard, and allow the couple to explore deeper origins of sexual issues as well as begin taking steps to yield gradual change.

Couples counseling can often lead to dramatic improvement in partners' feelings about the relationship.  No matter how hopeless or long-standing the issues may seem, meeting with a therapist can help partners gain the clarity, perspective, and understanding that is necessary for a more fulfilling relationship.  You may never be back in the "honeymoon stage," but you may build a deeper and more real connection than you ever imagined.  

Lastly, discernment counseling can help you figure out if you have a path forward as a couple or if separation is the best recourse. 

Reach out today to schedule couples counseling or coaching at Best Life!

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