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About Us

Best Life Behavioral Health is a full telehealth practice serving clients in the Washington DC area and many other states as well!  Our clinicians are trained in many approaches that can fit the needs of a range of clients.  We work with adults, couples, kids, teens, and families, all using convenient video appointments!

Dr. Samantha Rodman created Best Life in December 2021.  Originally from Brooklyn NY, Dr. Whiten went to University of Maryland for her PhD and remained in the area, starting a solo private practice in 2014.  She created her blog Dr. Psych Mom in 2014 as a way to market her practice, but it got way more popular than she expected! 

In 2021 she started a podcast, The Dr. Psych Mom Show.  So many potential clients reached out from reading and listening that Dr. Whiten needed to start hiring.  With the help of her husband on the administrative end, Best Life Behavioral Health was created!

Dr. Whiten hears lots of stories of clients who reach out to therapists only to never hear back or get put on a long waitlist.  At Best Life, we know it takes a lot of courage to reach out, and we are committed to responding right away and getting clients in ASAP, often that same week.  Customer service and immediate appointments are a priority for us, as Dr. Whiten remembers being a college student at Columbia and having to wait months to see a provider at the college mental health services, and then not being able to find a therapist with openings in the summer that would return calls or see her right away.  This was an upsetting experience and made her recognize the importance of responding right away when a client reaches out. There is only a small window sometimes when people will try to reach out for help, and it is only ethical to help them as quickly as possible.

Our clinicians were personally vetted and interviewed by Dr. Whiten to ensure that they are personable, highly skilled, committed to their clinical work, and flexible in their hours. All Best Life clinicians understand that your time and money are valuable, and you are here to get the help you need as effectively as possible.  

Telehealth is a wonderful way to get the mental health care you need without having to worry about driving, parking, childcare, or anything else.  Focus on getting the help you need as quickly as possible by working with Best Life therapists!​

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