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Life Coaching

Rates for life coaching sessions are $245 for initial video meeting and $220 for subsequent follow up sessions.

Clients in any state can work with Meridith Jacobs, J.D., C.P.C.

Meridith is a warm, compassionate, and patient Coach. She joins us with a unique set of skills that will benefit her clients. After majoring in psychology at the University of Pennsylvania she went to law school at The George Washington University and became a divorce attorney. In this role she coached her clients on extensive legal and emotional issues. Here's the difference between coaching and therapy!


Meridith soon realized that she enjoyed the personal relationships with her clients more than the actual practice of law. She combined her legal background and passion for helping people and became a career coach for lawyers. She worked in this role for 7 years.


Meridith has two children and chose to be a full-time mother for 8 years when her older child started kindergarten. She thoroughly enjoyed being a stay at home mom until her youngest child became more independent and she knew she wanted to begin working again. Knowing her true passion was connecting with and helping people, Meridith decided to go back to school in her 40s and became a Certified Life Coach.


Clients feel comfortable being honest and open knowing they are in a safe, judgment-free space with Meridith. As a Coach, she focuses on present issues and is goal oriented. Clients discuss current concerns and with Meridith's guidance sessions consist of problem-solving and coming up with realistic solutions or next steps. She specializes in:

• Relationships and Divorce

• Mothers/Parenting

• Career changes

• Self discovery or rediscovery 

• Highly Sensitive Adults

• Chronic Pain (Meridith has lived experience and extensive knowledge in this area)

Originally from Connecticut, Meridith now lives in Maryland with her husband, two children and two dogs. She prioritizes spending time with her family and friends. She also enjoys travelling, reading, going on long walks, and crafting.

Email to work with Meridith via video.

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