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Grief and Loss Group

Led by Jess Kwerel, LPC, this telehealth group is designed to support individuals grieving a loss.  In this 5 week group, you will learn to:

  • Normalize the intense impacts of grief

  • Become familiar with the many different models of grieving (beyond the 5 stages model)

  • Discover and develop inner and outer resources and develop coping strategies

  • Feel safe and supported in a non-judgmental space

  • Search for meaning and purpose in life without the presence of your loved one.  

Kwerel headshot.jpeg

This group is virtual, for DC and CO residents. It is 5 weeks long, 6-7pm EST on Mondays from August 1 to August 29. Rates are $55/session, or $250 for all 5 sessions.

To see if you can submit group therapy receipt for reimbursement from your insurance provider, you can give them the service/CPT code: Group Therapy - 90853.  If you pay ahead, you will not be refunded for missed sessions.

Email to enroll!

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